Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Friday

Even though Tyler got home last night at almost 2am, and the kids woke us up at 8am (I had tried to wait up for Tyler, seriously, I have no idea why!!!), we had a great day today. I had previously signed up the kids for a class at the local museum for 930am, and so we had to get up and ready for that. Colton was tough. As always!

The topic was on how boots used to be made, which may not sound terribly exciting, but it was very informative.... and the teacher made it pretty short to hold the kids attention :) Then they got to do a quick craft, and hang out in the museum, which has some pretty cool things. The best being a children's museum. The kids had a great time!

Plus, we had the promise of donuts afterwards!

Then we came home and tried to nap and although that didn't work out, we tried not to be grumpy about it. We decided to think of something fun. We thought of going to get a slip and slide and playing in the backyard. So we headed to Target. They had one option for $15, so we bought it. Then we stopped at the dollar store on the way home to look for promised glow sticks (which they didn't have) and found a plain jane slip and slide for $5! Needless to say, we returned the Target one (while we still had the receipt :) )

Came home, hooked it up and had a blast. The light was perfect tonight for me to get some pretty good shots of the kids playing.

Now as I am typing this, the kids are all in bed (Colton is still awake, like always) and Tyler is in bed maybe even asleep... I am headed there as well.

Hope you all had a great Friday, and start to a great holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love the pic with Tyler pushing them down the slipnslide! haha my kids can never quite figure it out on their own. Looks like it was a good day :) Angie

Danielle said...

I like how Kel-Kel is in a different diaper in each picture!! You must have been out there a while!.. Missing you and my Niece and nephews.