Tuesday, November 1, 2011


 Hope everyone had a great Halloween. I think it is going to be one of my favorite holidays... for a couple reasons.
The kids love to dress up,
They will do practically anything for candy,
An excuse to have friends over for low key celebration,
and the Wicked Witch as a success!

I decided to make the kids costumes, or at least parts of them this year. I have to say, I loved looking at them and seeing my hours of work look so darn cute!

Colton wanted to be a wolf, so this is what I came up with:: I didn't use a pattern, just measured, measured again, cut, sewed and hoped for the best! In my opinion, it turned out rather cute! I wanted him to be able to play with it in the future.

 Ayla was Little Red Riding Hood... mostly because I suggested it and wanted them to kind of  "GO" together. If she had her way, she would be a princess every Halloween. So we compromised and I told her that we could pretend that LRRH was a princess also.... for her, I made her cape for her birthday.

The two little boys were gnomes of the woodland ge-nome (get it!?) Ha... I saw a lot of kids in pictures dressed up as garden gnomes... but my little gnomies were beard-less. I knitted their sweaters, finishing up on Halloween. I also knitted their hats, but was done with those a while ago... Soren's was actually a little snug (I blame Tyler for his big head!), so we didn't make him wear it the whole night. They were just so darn cute though. I just loved all of them.

 Look at these cute boys!

We went trick-or-treating with some good friends (Little Kasey is above... kind of grumpy) and then after we went back to our house, met some more friends and shared some treats!

Fresh squeezed apple cider, some fruits and veggies and some raw snacks. Yumm!

Then after everyone went home, the kids picked their favorite 10 pieces of candy and we set the rest out for the Wicked Witch to come collect in the middle of the night.

Earlier in the week, I had mentioned they could trade their candy for something off their Amazon wishlists, if they were approved by the Wicked Witch. They liked this idea, and picked their gifts and hoped they got approved.
(The approval was if the gifts arrived in time!)

They were! and so happy this morning when they found their gifts.
Colton chose a lego airplane,
Ayla chose some butterfly wings,
Kellen got a garbage truck/street cleaner,
and Soren really wanted a diaper cover!! Ha ha!

Anyways we had a great night and I can't wait till next year!
One of my favorite things was that the first piece of candy Kellen received, he carried around till we got home! It was Smarties, of course! Also, he I was urging him to say thank you, and he kept saying thank you to the candy bowls... silly boy.

They grow up so darn fast though... Soren is now officially 4 weeks old!

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