Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First real haircut for Kellen

This is before:: crazy Einstein style hair, and our little rascal!
 This is the after Mommy got one side, and he got grumpy :)
This is Daddy fixing what Mommy didn't do right, and no sucker bribing could fix. (Although I kind of thought the huge "tuft" of long hair I left coming down the front looked kind of cute)
This is Daddy buzzing it, while he was bribed with apples (of all things!)
Finished product :: PURE ADORABLENESS!!!

This boy is at one of my favorite ages! He loves to voice his opinion in his new-found language and LOVES to tell us "NO!" I happen to think he is one of the cutest things around  and usually end up holding in laughter when he bosses me around. Oh, my he is trouble.

And I love him so.
My little boyka-boyka--boo!

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