Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Running is fun

Seriously, it is! Back in high school I started running because I injured my knee in basketball (and didn't know that I actually more than likely tore my ACL at this time), and couldn't participate in sports with side to side action, otherwise my knee would give out... not fun!
Anyways, I started running track in high school and fell in love with the 800meter. This is twice around the track... not really long distance, but not a sprint either. And I was good. I hate to toot my own horn, but really, I won a lot of races back then. (Went to State my junior year to compete... but totally failed there :) )
I gave up running a bit after high school... admittedly got fat, and then decided to join the Navy 2 years later. And needed to get in shape before bootcamp.
So I ran.
Now, I don't remember how far or for how long I was running before I went to bootcamp, but running did help me lose 20 lbs before I left. Which is always good, right?
Well, bootcamp really wasn't that hard. I passed easily.
But I kept running.

I ran when I was stationed in California, learning Russian. I would go through my list of vocabulary words that I had to memorize while I ran along the beautiful ocean. (oh, how I miss that place) My favorite memory is saying dostapremchatelnoste while I ran... it means places worth seeing, if I remember correctly. It still is my favorite Russian word. I ran many miles there.

Then in Texas, I ran and ran around the old flight line. My ex-boyfriend would run with me sometimes. But it was Texas and during the summer, so it pretty much sucked! My favorite story from there was when we were doing a "fun run" which is basically a run that you had to go to (you know, attendance was taken and stuff), and my good buddies- Bianca, Bryr and Traci - were all there with me. Bianca HATED running (yet she looked great and smoked like a chimney) and immediately after attendance was taken and we were running for fun, she headed back to the dorms to smoke with some wise-ass comment (oh, I love you Bianca).
NOW, Bianca is a marathon runner who is super fast and super fit, and oh how I envy her (and am so proud of her!)

When I was stationed overseas, in Japan, I took up biking too. I would bike to work (4 miles) and then run home. Sometimes I would take the long way, which doubled the distance. And then the next day I would run to work and bike home. I was in the best shape of my life. And I LOVED running.

It has always been the time for me to decompress I guess, and answer all my questions that I had been pondering, and sometimes coming up with some really good answers - or not.

Well, I started running again. Monday was day one, and boy was it hard. I had a million excuses to NOT start running until after the holidays. And then, I just decided to do it. And it felt good. Until I got home :) Then I was SO sore.
I hadn't ran in a year and a half.
A YEAR and a HALF, people!
My knee surgery and then pregnancy were my reasons for not then, but since my knee is fixed up and I am gladly not pregnant anymore... I had to do something.

And I ran again today. I am a little less sore right now too.

I am so glad I started back up... now I need to keep it up.

I will keep you (whoever reads this... wait, WHO reads this?) posted.

OH! And I just purchased a Vitamix (used of course) so now I think I am getting back on the green smoothie wagon! I would love to lose some more of this baby weight (16 lbs to pre-Soren, and about 35 to pre-Colton ISH!)


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I love running too, but have not done it in a while. It is an awesome way to lose those pounds that's for sure . Good luck and I love all your posts . It is fun to have a glimpse in your life. We moved again we are in eastern mt now close to north Dakota in a tiny town. Peace and love Melanie knight

Brooke said...

Melanie! You guys moved? For work I imagine?
Thanks for reading my little blog.. Makes me happy! How are the boys? And your business? Miss you!

Leecia said...

I started running this week too! I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday but yesterday I was so sore that I did some yoga for 40 minutes to try and stretch out a little bit. Of course, it's cold and wet here so I'm running on my treadmill (used of course) at a 3 incline. I'm not very fast and it's hard but I'm determined to keep it up! I'm skipping tonight because I'm going dancing tomorrow and want to be able to walk but will run again on Sunday! I hope all is well, I'm going to send the Christmas presents (now that I have your address) next week! I love you guys!

Heather said...

I love love love to run! I just started back a year ago after many years of being away from it. There is something powerful in a good run, and nothing that can match it.