Friday, January 6, 2012

A couple of Christmas's

This is Christmas morning. This boy was SO HAPPY to get his flight suit from Santa! Seriously priceless. He wore it nonstop for about a week, and then it had to be washed... I think it will get a lot of use.

The kids woke us up at about 7am, which is a little early, but not much. We wanted to videotape them, so they got us up first and then we headed downstairs.

Santa had hung their new dress up clothes and set their legos on the new hanging rack that Tyler made them for Christmas. He still has to finish it, but he will.

Here is sweet Ayla in her ballerina outfit. She loves it so much... well, except the shoes... should have went with the fuzzy slippers :)

I really love having this daughter of mine... and it is so hard not to spoil her rotten!

My boy! So feisty and demanding! Santa left this for him, a hammering toy... to fine tune their hand/eye coordination. I would say he has it down... a couple mornings ago, I picked him up from this toy to change his diaper and he whacked me with the hammer on the bridge of my nose. So not funny. It hurt like a $%^&&*, and I think I might have said that out loud. I flicked him under his chin, and he was SO upset about that! Tears were pouring out of my eyes, and Uncle Noel is laughing! ha ha real funny!

Anyways, Kellen also got a mini flight suit, and has yet to really wear it, but I think in the next year, he will get into it... and if not; there is one more boy it will go through!

This one. My sweet boy. Santa had this set up for him, and boy does he love it. He spent over an hour under it on this particular morning. And except for one minor mishap with Kellen releasing a toy onto his brother's face, it has been fantastic!

He also got a second hand johnny jump up thing to hang in the doorway, and that has been just what he needed!

In their stockings, they received Thank You cards, and they got right to work on them, my little ballerina and pilot!

My lovely new hat from Blue Corduroy . Love her Etsy shop!  I led Tyler there on the internet, and told him to pick me out one for Christmas. A sure way to get something you want :)

And they wonderful, cozy blanket! Knitted by Grammy and sent for Christmas! The cat loves the ends of the corners... those might have to be cut off at some point!
 This is our second Christmas... a couple days later! We opened up Grammy's packages and the kids had so much fun handing out the gifts!

 Colton was so patient with Kellen and helped him untie bows and everything!

We had such a lovely Christmas, and really love having our little family traditions expand every year. One thing I really want to continue is the making of cinnamon rolls on Christmas Eve to hand out to neighbors :) I think that is fun. We even went and introduced ourselves to neighbors that we hadn't really MET yet!

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