Friday, January 13, 2012

Trip to Florida with Grandparents

The kids at the airport looking at all the planes....  Colton knew all the different kind, and when he didn't, he asked!
Kellen found a little girl his age and was "showing" her all the planes outside :: so cute!
Thankfully, we had a whole row to ourselves. But the kids were all SO good on the trip there.

Look at this cutie.

No pictures, Please.

Grandpa and baby Soren. We had such a great time with the grandparents. They had a great time spoiling the grandkids too! 

We went to Lover's Key near where we were staying and they had tons of shells and hermit crabs, and we saw a couple dolphins too! It was SO cool.

I really love these shell pictures.

Love the sand on this...
so neat.

Googily eyes. Cool, in my opinion.

Hayley, Alex, Tyler and the kids all made some sand sculptures. A turtle, a mermaid and an airplane.

they collected a coconut for the bra, and shells for facial features and what not.

They were so fun! The kids loved making them and helping design.

Alex and Hayley making there "Corona" postcard.

Turned out pretty cute.

Shuffleboard. We love shuffleboard in this family. It was right outside our door at the beach house, and Colton and Kellen were always begging to go out there to play.

My favorite picture of the trip.

(Alex and Hayley in the background posing for the camera)

What a beautiful group.

This is the beach house that I fell in love with. I absolutely love the colors. Green, black and white.

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