Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ft. Worth Zoo, New Year's Day with Uncle Noel

This picture is so "Ayla" for me. Messy hair. Pink flamingos. I love my girl!

Colton reading his map... Maps are awesome at places like zoos!

They almost have a family resemblance?!

Zebra! (total inside family joke, and oh-so-funny!)

The "train" that really did nothing for us.

Having a good chat.

These are my favorite kind of shots. Right in their face when they are a little mad!

These mountain lions followed all the kids with their eyes, and I am sure they were thinking they looked tasty.

I don't know why everyone thinks their twins?

Funnest thing to see at the zoo... the ring tailed lemur show! They were running circles and bouncing OFF the wall! So cute! I really enjoyed watching there antics, as did the kids since Madagascar is one of their favorite movies. And thankfully Uncle Noel does a perfect King Julian impression!

I think one of my favorite shots.


Heather said...

Looks like so much fun Brooke!

Brooke said...

Ah, thanks, Heather, it was a lot of fun!