Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun at the Train Park

My People
Love odd shots like this
Could he be any cuter?! How is he going to be 2 next week?!
A girl, pink boots, and a scarf = fun!
They will learn to be monkeys because of him.
Me and my snotty nosed babe.
Wrist rolls!
With hat? (Do you like my hat?- Dr. Suess)
Or without? (I do like that hat!-Dr. Suess)
Four babes in swings... thought this was kinda cool.
My people, again.
We have been battling this nasty cold around here, so we try and not go anywhere where we might expose other people to it... so we went to the train park... the kids always have fun if Tyler is around to play, so we let Tyler sleep until 11am, and then woke him up telling him we were picnic-ing at the park!
You say picnic, and the kids immediately cheer, it is quite nice.
I took little Soren to the Doc today, and she said he most likely had/has RSV, but is probably over the worst... thankfully. We have had a couple rough nights; a lot of vomiting of phlegm, a constant runny nose, a nasty cough... but I think we made it through... now the older two have colds with fevers. Go figure.
We are going to Austin this weekend, and we are going to have fun.

I can't believe it is Kellen's second birthday next week! Seems like I just pulled him from the water and said "It's a boy!"

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A French said...

What a nice family you have! I love wrist rolls, on babies that is! What park is this, I want to put Eli in a baby swing but every time we go to the park in town it packed. We were actually looking at swing sets yesterday, do you think its to early for one?