Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Right now :)

Right Now I am::
:: soaking in the sun while I can! The weather here has been crazy: snowing on Sunday and in the 70's by Tuesday!
:: wearing mostly leggings and loose shirts... but I have lost some baby weight! Down to 180, woohoo! Only 30 more to go!
:: wondering if Colton will get this stomach bug that has been around since Saturday :(
:: hoping that he doesn't get that silly stomach bug!
:: laughing because that is all you can do when it there is sickness going on around your place, right?! But really laughing at all the funny things the kids are saying. Yesterday, Ayla went around saying "That is highly over-rated." To everything... it was cute.
:: enjoying our evenings at OUR park. 
:: smiling because these kids of mine crack me up. Kellen is singing Bob the Builder on a regular basis, and keeps adding more words daily. It is kind of fun to see his progression.
:: deciding whether or not I should continue to work out like I have been doing because of an ankle problem... hmmm... these ailments are annoying :)
:: feeling pretty tired most days... but entirely happy. I really enjoy my life.
:: reading LOTS! I just finished two books in three days (I guess that is what happens when you spend your day in bed sick!) Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman (good read in my opinion) and Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares (the end of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants stories; also a good read in my opinion)
:: knitting not much, but thinking of finishing up a diaper cover that has been waiting for months. Also thinking of knitting a little vest for a doll named Rainbow (and maybe one for Rose)
:: working at getting the kids into a cleaning routine (Not to mention myself included) Every day I have them pick chores and help around the house... and if they get in trouble, they get an extra chore. Sometimes we even get Kellen to lend a hand!
:: thinking about turning our house in Montana into a vacation rental in a couple years... like here and here. (our house isn't as awesome as these, but it is near there, and ... well, it is a thought for the future)
:: watching movies with my husband on the weekend. We saw Win Win the other night... very good. We also watched the Hangover II, which we both thought wasn't as good as the first, but still pretty funny!
:: remembering fun times had in the Navy with my girls! Three of the four of us (we will miss you Bryr!) will be meeting in Austin in March, and I.AM.SO.EXCITED!!!
:: itching to get out running, but ailments (ankle, knee and back) seem to be at every corner! frustrating, for sure!
:: wanting to stop buying THINGS! I look around my house and see piles of things, useful things, but things that seem to clutter and make me FULL.
:: wishing that we could live somewhere that has beautiful trees... Astoria would be nice :)

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