Thursday, February 16, 2012

I must be lucky

due to MANY different reasons (my wonderful kids, my super fantastic husband.. you get the picture) But really, I have been lucky in winning some FANTASTIC thing in the last couple months!!
Back in November, I got a strange facebook message saying that for every like at this page I would get a dollar towards a gift certificate... I just didn't know what page, and frankly, I thought it was spam, so I paid it no mind.
AT the end of november, I see my name in a post from a fabulous US company called The Original Tree Swing. I thought, that is weird.
So I did a little bit of an investigation, and finally put two and two together, and walla... I was the proud winner of a $53 gift certificate. Even though I did no promoting of the page... this company is that good. I coveted many things from it, and said I will someday buy one of those swings for my children. Someday.

Well, I didn't use the $$ towards a swing (we have no trees in our yard) but I did get a wonderful castle set. Complete with knights on horses and a dragon! How cool is that?
I gave it to the boys for Valentine's day... they already had too many things for Christmas!

And Ayla got something entirely different, and COMPLETELY AWESOME!
I have been a HUGE fan of Bamboletta for a couple years it seems. I fondly remember when my parents were in Montana awaiting Kellen's birth, I was trying to get a doll for Ayla (for her birthday in September, which was 6 months away). It can take a long time to get one of these highly coveted dolls. I tried for probably 4 months, to no avail. So I ordered a special waldorf style doll from another independent maker, but I kept my eyes on Bamboletta... they are so darn cute!
I faithfully entered into the contests just to see if I could win one... I donated to the raffles available (they do a lot of wonderful fundraisers) and I dreamed.
 And then... Then there was a super giveaway. A giveaway with not just one doll, but a 15" doll, a little buddy (about half size) and 6 cute little dolls and then a couple other goodies. I entered thinking "maybe this time?" And lo and behold... I WON!!!
I saw the name BROOKE as the winner, and the facebook post said that "she" had been emailed. I knew it was me... I don't know how, but I did. I checked my email, and sure enough... there it was! Oh, Happy Day! It was kind of late at night when I saw it too, so in the morning I thought I was dreaming... silly, I know. Well, we are in love with these little dolls.
They are just the cutest. Ayla named them Rainbow and Rose, and carries them around everywhere. They go to sleep with her every night, after she dresses them in their clothes (or clothes that are entirely ill fitting, but cute non the less!) We have decided to give a couple of the little pocket dolls for gifts this coming year, and even a special cousin is getting one of the bigger dolls... I told Ayla we have to spread the love :)

Oh, I am a lucky girl... maybe I should play the lotto??

Nah, I won't test my luck. I feel I have it pretty good, as it is.

I also have won a giveaway at one of my favorite online kids stores... Imagine Childhood. It is a book on helping kids and writing. I truthfully have not had time to look through it, but totally plan on it in the near future!

Also, I received a fantastic muslin blanket from Bambinoland... love that place too!

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Danielle said...

you are lucky!! I was thinking that I was going to have to keep trying to win (and change my luck), since Ayla has named them, and you are making them clothes...but maybe one does still want to live in Oregon! We would sure love her, if she does.