Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Picture a day, 365 days 32-44

32: 365, yes, those are woolies (diaper cover) on his head. It is clean, don't worry!
33: 365, Kellen loves to peek at us at the park.
34: 365, Love the hair (plus he is still in PJ's and it is more than likely in the evening time this pic was taken :))
35: 365, Odd picture, I know. These are stickers we got in Yellowstone, and I LOVE THEM! I want to get some artwork like them.
36: 365, Can't tell these kids are related!!
37: 365, being silly.
38: 365, How cute is he?!
39: 365, all tuckered out!
40: 365, Wonderful new things arrived in the mail:: more on them later!
41: 365, dominos aren't just for playing dominos!
42: 365, yummy avocado hummus sandwich :)
43: 365, a little gift made for someone special (who likes strawberries)
44: 365, kids climbing up the stairs, on the outside! Kellen is only allowed to go up two!
So are days move pretty slow around here. We have been battling some sicknesses this last weekend, and I got it last night... but seem to be on the mend :) Thank goodness. Mommies aren't meant for getting sick, especially on Valentine's Day! Hope everyone had a great holiday... we made it what we could. The kids made us cards, so that was really all we needed. Tyler got me chocolate, and amazingly, I have only eaten two pieces from it (for anyone who really knows me, you can tell by this statement that I must really not be feeling well!)

Oh, I think I have officially made it further in my documenting the year than I did the last time! I will try to keep it up :)

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