Monday, March 12, 2012

45-60 Picture a day

45'365:: a little Valentine's gift courtesy of The Original Tree Swing Company!
46'365:: I love me some grubby kids (mine are ALWAYS grubby)
47'365:: Texas in February= lots of outdoor fun
48'365:: Oh, how I love this man.
49'365:: Love the shoe shot... these are See Kai Run's.. LOVE!
50'365:: My Flamingo lover
51'365:: An almost 2 year old fit.
52'365:: LOVE! (and yes, this isn't from this day, I cheated. So what!)
53'365:: wrist rolls... who DOESN'T love these?
54'365:: I love everything about this picture. The sprinkler, the umbrellas, the suit (on Colton), the dress (on Ayla), the birthday suit (on Kellen), and the random cooler in our backyard. Totally explainable, I assure you.
55'365:: colored carrots. delish.
56'365:: remember that random cooler from above... this is Ayla's picture of what's inside. Shells from our Florida trip!
57'365:: Chomp, chomp!
58'365:: he was in a measuring phase that day.
59'365:: Look at this ADORABLE hat made by one of my best friends up in Montana?! Isn't it just perfect?!
60'365:: My bunch.
Well, that covers February.
I have been so bad at blogging lately. We are sorely lacking sleep around here, due to babies and being sick with something or another.
But I believe we are on the mend!
Kellen had a birthday the other day... totally low-key and fun for a 2 year old... we plan to have a party for him this weekend :) He is such a special little guy!
Ayla and Colton just finished up swimming lessons tonight. And my, am I proud of them. Ayla is our resident fish, she loves the water... Colton has always had a healthy fear, especially putting his head under water! But due to kids not showing up for the last two classes, they had the teacher all to themselves! It was fantastic because he really worked with them, and was very patient. Colton started jumping off the side, into the pool... a new thing for him. So proud :)
We also all took a trip down to Austin, more to come soon. It was a blast!

Thanks for putting up with me, guys!

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