Wednesday, December 31, 2008

... last stop: The Gustafson's of Astoria (and then some)

Last stop was the Gustafson's on Christmas day. We stayed there for two nights and had a great time. We ate and played some awesome games of Pictionary (Tyler and I are awesome!) we dabbled in WII bowling, Tyler and I got to go get coffee, ALONE, and the same night we made it out to the local watering holes for some drinks with his buddies from high school. I actually got to meet Jessie Browning from Discovery's "Ax-Men". Tyler is pretty good friends (or was) with his younger brother Jared... who is a very happy drunk person.

Above is the Gustafson clan, including Aunt Hayley (we had to wake her before we left, so she wasn't exactly ready for picture taking). Ayla was constantly staring at her Aunt, and thought she was funny! Below is little Ayla being silly in Aunt Hayley's old time out chair!

Grandma Colleen with Ayla in her new jacket... I got one just like it and only slightly larger!

Great-Grandma June and Colton picking their noses (June is not really picking her nose! Just pretending because Colton wouldn't get his finger out of there!)
This is just a great picture of Colton below that I thought I would share... shows his spirit!

Here are some pictures from throughout the trip that I wanted to share... I learned how to add more than five to one blog!

Ayla and myself totally passed out during a nap time at Papa and Granna's house... aren't we cute? Below is a picture of Ayla and her Papa...
Bath time at Grammy Roxy's and Pat's house... they have an awesome clawfoot tub.. a little cold out there, but the kids had a good time and Grammy even heated up some towels for them for afterwards!

All in all, even weather considering, we had a great trip and really enjoyed seeing everyone we could. For those of you that we were not able to see... Sorry, and hopefully we will see you soon!

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