Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I hope that all those wonderful mothers I know celebrated and were celebrated by their loved ones! I know I was!
My day started off with breakfast in bed from my wonderful husband, with a sweet little card handpainted by the rascals, and some beautiful tulips from outside in the yard! We spent the morning at Joann fabrics, the Home Depot, and Costco... I picked out some awesome fabric for dresses, and cut them out last night... tomorrow they go together! I will post pics of them later.
Then we went on a 2.5 mile run and hiked up part of LonePine! The kids beat things with sticks and we explored for a bit. Then came home and had some pigs in a blanket for dinner with fresh blackberry syrup, YUMM! Great day!

This is the new carrier I just got, that I absolutely LOVE! I carried Ayla around for a bit, and she seems to like it too! I had been debating getting a new one for hiking and what not this year, so I took some of the money I made making things, and bought one. It is called a Beco baby carrier, and is like the much-loved Ergo baby carrier. This one has more designs and stuff though!
NO, this is not a picture of me, or of my babies.... it is off the website! I couldn't get a good one of me and Ayla :)


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

i'm loving mine too... mine has orange too.. we'll match!

Brooke said...

Well, mine is actually the natural one, but I didn't like the picture, so I used this one! But I think we will still match! I love love love it though!