Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My little artist

Colton begs on a daily basis to do some sort of art work on his easel. I decided to buy an array of quality art supplies, and found a great website out of Oregon that sells just what I needed. It is called Stubby Pencil Studio, and I heard of it through the Soulemama blog. They have some eco friendly crayons, some crayon rocks, paints, paper, and much much more! Colton has really taken to learning his letters, with his favorite being "W" because of it's abilitly to be either a "W" or "M". What a silly kiddo! Ayla sometimes gets involved, but usually she licks or eats something, so we tend to do the real stuff at her nap time... maybe soon we can include her more often! Well, hope everyone had a great Tuesday... I have been reading a great book called "Real Food" by Nina Planck. Very insightful and full of some useful information. Till next time...

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