Sunday, May 17, 2009

I caved!

Being who I am, I was adamant about not having a gas powered lawn mower when we first moved into our new place 2 years ago. Tyler was okay with it, as long as I mowed the lawn 50% of the time. I kind of held up my end of the bargain... I would say I mowed it 35% of the time, and I cheered him on the rest!
Needless to say, Tyler won. We purchased a new mower today from the local Home Depot, and you should have seen the smile on his face as he happily mowed rows into our tall grass! I have to admit, it looks nicer and well cared for now, but I really liked the fact that we had a regular old push mower!
But... Tyler does do a lot of things that I have pushed over the years... like compost, and recycle, and showering less... to name a few!

We had a yardsale this weekend, and rid ourselves of a lot of excess baggage! The kids were very helpful, and offered up quite an array of their un-used toys! The house is a little cleaner, the garage has a little less, and we feel a little less clogged with junk! However, I still need to go through my closet... that is this week!


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

way to go Tyler! Loren is happy for you (he's still jealous of your weed whacker, though)

Anonymous said...

How are you composting? We're trying to decide whether to go with a bin or a tumbler. We've had bear in our backyard, so I want something contained. I've also thought about worm bins. Jennie

Brooke said...

I hate our compost container! We bought it at Costco last year, and it is already falling apart! I would say a tumbler would be good, but just not the bin type... hard to mix and get the good stuff out of the bottom without some hard work! But we are going to figure something out... we also DON't have bears!!