Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some info on cloth diapers... go figure!

So I was just browsing who knows what on the internet and came across this awesome website! It is a place called Miracle Diapers, and they help families that would like to do cloth diapering, but can't afford it. It is a nonprofit organization, and they sound wonderful! I plan on sending some of my diapers that have been used, but are in great condition still... I think it is a wonderful idea, and I wish that I could do more!
I have often thought of making diapers to give to single mothers that need a little bit of help... maybe I will start something around here... probably not, though.. I seem to have my hands full as it is!

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Kristina said...

I wandered in here from bread + honey-- I'm so glad I did! Your banner picture is just incredible, there aren't mountains like that in the east at all. Gorgeous.

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