Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real food

Inspired by the book that I am reading at the moment (Real Food, by Nina Planck), I am starting to eat more unprocessed food, and making a conscious effort to do the same for the kids and Tyler too. In this book, there are so many things that make sense, like how most oils in use today are actually really bad for us, and could be causing the health crisis we find ourselves in. Along with the bonuses and positive side of the traditional foods, like grass-fed beef, raw milk, BUTTER, salt, CHOCOLATE!, and of course, veggies and fruits. It seems like such an obvious diet, but one that is so hard in our society to follow. Raw milk is not in stores, and in some states really hard to get. Here in Montana, you have to either contact a local farmer and see if they do milk shares, where in essence, you are paying for upkeep of the cow in order to receive milk, or some farmers do sell their products to the public. Before pasteurization, milk has so many good things in it, that I am amazed I did not know this before. Here is the article link.
I don't mean to get preachy, I just was completely unaware of the health benefits of certain things brought up in this book. Just while reading this, I have made a conscious decision to eat more fish... we ate fish twice this week! and am talking with a friend about joining their milk coop.
Tyler and I have also began our running program to get in shape for first a 5K, then a 10K, and then a half marathon in September!! Right now, I am up to running about 2.5 miles and feel so good running again. Anyone who has known me, at least while I was in high school or in the Navy, know that I am a runner. A friend in Misawa told me that I must be angry, because only angry women would run as much as me!! I did run alot back then... it was 4 miles to work the short way, 8 miles the long way, and I would either run or ride my bike. I was crazy; but not angry! With kids, it is a little harder to be motivated to run on a regular basis, so I decided I needed a goal. That's where the half marathon comes into play. I still have to sign up for it though. Wish us luck.


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

a lot of my friends drink raw milk, would you like me to get some for next week? We can't wait to see you guys, and Aiden asks every day if you are going to be here today.

Brooke said...

We haven't started drinking it yet, but hey, if you want to get it, I am all for it! My kiddoes are pretty excited too. Colton has some trucks he wants to trade with Aiden --for now at least!