Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carving pumpkins... and knitting

Colton, putting in his two cents (above)
The kids painting (below)

The kids helped with this one! Such a great job by them!
The kitty one is Ayla's (I carved it) and the big one is the one we grew in the garden!
Colton's monster one that he picked out (Tyler free-handed this one!)
Such a cutie!
Tyler working hard on Colton's design!
We finally got around to carving our pumpkins. We only harvested 2 from our crop that had been doing so well, but that is okay... we managed. Tyler picked 2 up at the store on his way home, so we had one for each of us. The kids picked out the designs, and we painted the green one. All in all, a great way to end the day and get ready for Halloween. Both kids are practicing their "Trick or Treat" skills, and it is just so cute to hear them saying that around the house!
Tyler has not had any luck hunting this season yet, but we are hopeful! I can't wait to have some fresh deer or elk meat! Yumm!
I have started knitting for the season, and I almost forgot two things: how to actually knit (this lasted about 2 minutes, and I had to rack my pregnant brain... and then I refreshed with a youtube video! :) ) and the other thing is just how addicting knitting actually is. I have only finished a couple washcloths (LOVE this blog so much!! So many great projects!) but it has been fun. The kids helped me pick out the colors, and the order the colors go in. I have so many more projects planned.... hope I get to some of them. Right now, I just have to get to bed!!!

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