Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our last week of September

We are gearing up for a visit from Papa and Granna, but we managed to have a good last week of September. I did babysit for a couple of the days, and we had a lot of fun. Here are some photos of the kids doing "getting ready for nap" exercises (kind of like yoga for kiddoes) and we had a great time! It was neat to see them actually listen to me all at once... I felt like I accomplished something! But it ended up being the kids pretending they were vacuum cleaners rubbing their heads all over the floor! What fun!

And also some pics of Sofa the cat out in the garden stalking mice. He will sit on the pumpkins for hours, just waiting. So cute!

We had an ultrasound done on Thursday... our 18 week one. So we had the chance to find out the sex of the baby :: we didn't! We don't really care what it is, but it WILL be a baby, and so far everything is healthy, and that is really all that matters. Plus, I believe it helps with the labor to NOT know... I found myself with both Ayla and Colton wondering constantly, and it seemed to speed labor up! We will see. March is coming awfully quickly, and we are pretty excited. The baby is kicking a lot and I see to be feeling better, so that is great. My back is starting to get sore, but when is it not!'

We are headed out for a trip to South Carolina (just Tyler and I) for a great friend's wedding! We are really excited :: we are staying in a house right on the beach with my friend Bianca! It will be fun to have a kid free vacation; but I will worry about my little rascals!! It is the first time we will leave them for more than one night ( and that was only one time!) Time will tell!

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