Friday, October 23, 2009

Our 4th Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary!! I can't believe how fast time flies... it seems like just yesterday; except for the fact we have 2 kids and one more on the way!! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Our day wasn't your typical "anniversary" day. Started out with having to take Colton to urgent care because he was still having high (103-104) fevers! He was put on antibiotics in case there is an underlying infection he just can't beat... but other then that, he was perfectly healthy! Good heart and lungs, ears, throat... and such a resilient kid! He really does a great job at dealing with this sickness. So the doctors still think it is most likely a strong reaction to the H1N1 vaccine. I am just glad that they didn't get the full fledged thing! That may have been bad! He is still having fevers today, but they further time wise between the high spikes. Hope he is on the mend!

Then the kids and I just kind of vegged out around the house until late afternoon; and then we made cupcakes! Grandma Colleen had sent the kids some cupcake decorations for Halloween, so we decided to use them, and make a special anniversary cake. I got some chocolate cake mix from the store, and it was DELICIOUS! I was skeptical at first because it was gluten free and wheat free (and so was the frosting) but decided to try it anyways. It was a little more expensive than your regular boxed mix, but oh so worth it! It made 12 cupcakes and a little round cake for Tyler and I. The kids decorated with sprinkles and more and had such a great time helping me. I love cooking with the kids! There are times I have to remind myself out loud that patience is a virtue... because either the kids don't have any, or I have lost mine! But it usually works out.

So after a delightful dinner of New York steak and baked potatoes, we enjoyed some great cake and vanilla bean Tillamook ice cream... we then put the kids to bed, relaxed a little; and then by 11 pm Colton was back up to 104.5 fever! Oh, the life of a parent.

And Grandpa Pat is going to be here today for the start of hunting season on Sunday! Grammy Roxanne had to stay at home because she was feeling rather sick, but plans on taking the train out here next week to be with the kids and I. We can't wait! Maybe she will be here for Halloween?

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