Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The week in a nutshell...

This last week has been pretty busy. Tyler and I flew to S. Carolina for a wedding. We had a great time in Charleston, SC. The wedding of my good friend, Traci, was beautiful! It was on the beach and so simple and perfect. Tyler and I helped decorate along with my other great Navy friend, Bianca and her boyfriend, Chris. We were a little rushed for decorating, but it came together. The food was amazing! It was called a low country boil, made with corn, potatoes, shrimp, and crab; Yumm, yumm!! Crab is so delicious!

The day after the wedding we hung out on the beach in warm weather (unlike Montana), Tyler tried his hand at surfing... he said it was kind of hard, but exhilarating! We went on a "ghost tour" through the Charleston graveyards. A little creepy, but fun. Our tour guide was slightly crazy, but you could tell she enjoyed her job.

Sunday, we came home, and we were happy about that... we missed our two little rascals SO MUCH!!!
While we were gone, Granna and Papa watched the kiddoes, and it sounded like they had a great time. When we called, the kids talked to us on the phone, but barely! It snowed here while we were away, and there were a couple inches when we came home. Unfortunately, our pumpkins, which had been doing so well, did not fair the snowfall all that well. They were shriveled and soft.... we had put two in the garage, so we have two out of 12 really good ones... oh, well.

Today, we copied my friend, Jill, and made some halloween decorations... they turned out pretty cute, square ghosts and all.

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