Monday, October 19, 2009

A fever-filled weekend

The kids and I decided to get the H1N1 vaccine last Thursday at the county health department. Well it was a clinic to vaccinate the healthy children in the area, and I just happened to be in the right place a the right time, so I received the appropriate one for a pregnant lady. The kids both got the live virus nasal vaccine. Both the kids seem fine for Thursday and Friday, and then Friday night, they both got fevers. Not bad ones, but low grade fevers nonetheless. I had read up on the live virus vaccine, and knew that they would get a little sick to build up an immunity to the virus. So I wasn't too worried.
Later Saturday, they both had fevers of 102-103, that only came down with motrin or tylenol. So that is what we did, just give the medicine. Fevers continued, and still continue today. Ayla was up to 104 yesterday; Colton was up to 103.5 yesterday and today. Ughhhhh!!! I hate fevers!
Fortuneately, both kids act pretty normal for the most part. They are eating (or not eating!), they are drinking plenty, and peeing. So I am torn between being worried, and knowing it will run its course. I am not sure if they would be contagious or what not, so I don't think I will be taking them really anywhere this week except with me to the Dr's. tomorrow.
Just another day (weekend) in the Gustafson house.

In other news, Grammy Roxanne and Grandpa Pat are coming to visit on Friday! We are so excited to see them! Tyler and Pat are going hunting; hopefully they will shoot a big one or two! Then I can get a freezer!

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