Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Just a little randomness

I won!! I won the giveaway I blogged about on Monday! The cutest little handmade felt stocking with an ADORABLE real looking little mouse! I am so excited! Will the new stocking be the new babes? Or mine? Who knows!
I also won a different giveaway on SewFantastic's Blog, from a great little etsy store named Lightning Bugz, with some adorable snuggly little animals.
So the total is 6. Six different giveaway's this year! How crazy is that?!

Speaking of crazy... this picture is of Ayla a couple weeks ago that I forgot to share... she LOVES the phone (she is talking on a fake cell from her Papa). Her favorite person to talk to is Granna (for real on on play phones) and she just BABBLES. When you tell her time is up, she holds up a finger and says "Almost."
So cute. And yes, she loves getting into baby toys, too.

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