Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things I am Loving Right Now...

* Having the baby kicking me all the time :)
* Evening in Missoula tea that Jill gave me (Oh, so good!)
* Having all my Christmas sewing done and sent (at least the stuff for sending... still have some kids stuff to sew)* The way Ayla dresses herself; she loves to layer (think pants with dresses or skirts and sweaters)* Big fat flakes of snow (although it is melting as of today)
* This new lemon ricotta tea cake... Yummy!* Going to sleep early (before midnight)
* Colton's new sarcasm.... absolutely hilarious!* Winning cool stuff on blogs these last couple weeks! (Here, here and here) Yeah, me!
* This quilt given to Ayla by her Great Uncle JB! Made by his mother... isn't it fantastic?! It is all hand-stitched! Which I so appreciate now!
* The Christmas decorations


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

I think I see my name on that actually put drawsrings in your bags? sheesh... go you! and I still have things to make AND I'm headed out of town on Monday. No fair! When do you find time to sew? I have to do it all on the weekend when Loren's here, especially with nat-bug crawling now!

Brooke said...

You must have looked pretty closely, Danielle (cause you are right!) The red with white dots is yours... well, one of yours! I think the only way I get things sewn is by doing it little by little... I still have pj's to make the kids, and I am no good at patterns, so we will see! And about half of the drawstrings on the bags are courtesy of Tyler... I put him to work one night! Ha! And he even did all the Christmas cards!? He almost followed all of my instructions... your package should be there Saturday... hopefully! I really was trying to get it there by the time you left. I hope the kiddoes like their things (and you too!) The cookies are for Loren, but really, everyone! Love ya... and congrats on Nat crawling! She is so darn cute!

Jill said...

Love the Tulips and everything you made looks awesome! Especially that bag!

Nicole said...

Great post! You are so crafty - it's always neat to see what you are working on.
Congrats on your wins! I'm a huge giveaway addict and love winning great things. Most of my Christmas presents for the kids and family are things I've won this year or received free to review for my blog.