Friday, December 4, 2009

Playdough and ornaments!

So today has been a rough day for me... well, started last night with the kids constant whining before bed, when all I wanted to do was finish up some xmas presents... go figure. 2 hours of constant crying... and Tyler was playing basketball.
Well, it continued this morning with me. I will just blame it on being pregnant for now. I even threw a plate into the sink... the kids decided that was about time to go upstairs and play :) Ha ha! Even Tyler steered clear... oh, the things we put up with.
So I was trying to get out of my funk, but making good on my promise to the kids to make some fun ornaments they could paint. We did some of it yesterday, but then I figured out that I did it wrong! So we started again today. (do you see the playdough- not colored, under the plaster? You can make any shape you want!)
First you need some things:
plaster of paris (which actually is not all that good for you... read the back :()
and the ingredients for this playdough recipe. Very simple recipe and makes some great playdough! Just remember that it looks lumpy, but will smooth out... just keep stirring!

Make the playdough (or use some you already have), then have the kids put their handprints into it, or footprints?... then you pour the plaster of paris into it and wait for it to harden. Remember to put some sort of hangy thing (paper clip or something of the like) in the top area, so that you have an ornament to hang... (see the paper clip in it?)
After it is done drying, you can take the playdough away from the plaster, and do what you want. .. paint, color with markers, etc.
This is what happens when you take the playdough off too soon! the thumb falls off!
But you can imagine how cute they will be!

Or you can mess up, and let the kids paint them anyways!

Here is another playdough recipe....haven't tried it, but sounds yummy! Chocolate scented playdough


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

ohh the whinning... Aiden is doing it right now. What is the deal, it's all day sometimes!! Thank goodness for nap time.

Rosalind said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway Brooke, I couldn't find your email, so I hope you don't mind me replying here! All the best, Rosalind.

Ammie said...

This is a fabulous idea! I've been hoping to make plaster handprints and footprints of my boy, but I've not been sure how to do it. I can't wait to try the approved play-dough method!

Also, I stopped by to give you some good news. You won my blog giveaway! I emailed you, and am hoping to hear back from you soon!
Here's my blog URL in case you need it again:

These giveaways were such a wonderful way to meet new bloggers. I love your blog!

Steph said...

Brooke - YOU WON my giveaway! Homemade marshmallows and other goodies on its way to you. Please email me at stephw3-at-yahoo-dot-com with your shipping address. Congratulations! And I'll be posting about how I made the marshmallows soon, probably tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Brooke, remember making ornaments in Bluebirds? I think you mom is the one who did the craft with us! We used play dough and nutshells I still have mine. Ok and yeah laugh at me if it wasn't you and you were never in bluebirds LOL! I can't remember and I don't have pictures ;)