Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Quilt

I bought a quilt kit in August (thank you, my dear mother-in-law, Colleen) from a place in Sisters, Oregon called the Stitchin Post. The quilt is for Ayla, and her cousin, Natalie, will have the same one (just different backing). My goal was to start it (and finish?) before the baby comes... so here I am starting it!
Come to find out, this kit is completely pre-cut!! I didn't have to cut all those squares and rectangles... but you can pretend I did. There were a couple pieces missing that I had to find replacements for, but I just substituted some light green flannel (the whole quilt is flannel). So it was completely easy to piece together, much to my delight.
The kids helped me lay it out on the floor with the batting and backing... such good helpers!Then it was time to plan the actual quilting of the quilt. The part I dreaded the most. I have made a few quilts, my first being my senior year in high school as my senior project (!), but they all have been kind of rushed with no regard to bunching and whatnot... and I wanted this quilt to be one that Ayla will keep with her through the years, thinking of her mama and how much I love her. So I thought, I better figure out how to do this right.
In my "research" I was looking for something simple that would go with the lines of the quilt. I wanted to do the big flowers everywhere, but I don't think I am experienced enough for that! Yet. So I landed at Tallgrass Prairie Studios, and found a great tutorial for straight line quilting. Tyler and I decided that would be the best (yes, Tyler was called in for help in this decision. For being a simple guy, he certainly has a great eye for design. Ha, Ha). And I do have to say that it is turning out wonderful. And pretty quickly too. I have spent a couple hours moving the tape and finding room on the kitchen table between meals, but it has been fun, and it looks ... great! Aren't the above birdies adorable?! I wish they were pink, or Ayla wishes they were pink; but she didn't have the pink fetish when I bought the kit!
and I just wanted to point out the great picture in the background... it was a Christmas present from Tyler's mom, Roxanne. And I just adore it. It reminded me of Colton and our cat Jack, right away, and then I read the note that said the exact same thing! Colton thinks it really is him, but I tried to gently explain... oh, well. So cute! And Ayla says "Where's Ayla and Sofa?" (Sofa is our other cat)

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Mountaintop Mama said...

I love your quilt! I'm looking foward to some quilting projects in the new year as well... hard to take on big projects with a baby on the way (due 2/14), but I think I can manage in between mothering duties! Nice work!