Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday, we decided to try our hand at some salt dough ornaments. The recipe was extremely easy, and even though we had to wait awhile to decorate, the kids thoroughly enjoyed the whole process!
They each made (or helped) a couple... and then Tyler had to show off and do a tractor, an excavator and a piggie. the kids thought it was fantastic. I chose to make a mushroom and a gnome (when finished, it looked a lot like Santa!)

I think they turned out fabulous!


Sarah Slaven said...

very cute, your little man looks very proud.

jojoebi said...

they look great, salt dough ornaments are big in our house too.

I was just popping by to say thank you for commenting on my blog - better late than never!

Brooke said...

Sarah, he was very proud.. I think he spent about an hour and a half painting those 3 ornaments! He is such a studious little boy even at 3!
Thanks for the comments!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

The did turn our fabulous! Love the little gnome and toadstool!

Imene said...

We made some of those. It was really fun to make. We also tried the corn starch ones and they were easier to model.