Wednesday, February 3, 2010

update and 21-31 (for January)

quilt binding in progress(22:365)
Colton eating snow ice cream
Colton helping Tyler with the hammering needs in the house
Cats sleeping on the dryer (their only safe haven)
Kids playing out in the snow
Using the golf club as a snow scoop/shovel
Ayla in her outfit of choice over the past few days (seriously all day long)
(28: 365)
Helping cleaning out the fish tank (he got to scoop up fish!)
wondering around in the backyard
Big Brother (his shirt says) posing for the camera
Posing for the camera

Finally, here are some of the pictures for my month (year) of pictures a day. I plan on putting explanations on them sometime, so I can go back and remember what was going on!
I have been busy trying to get Ayla's quilt binding done, and it is a slow process, but turning out great! I absolutely love it.
But I did get distracted by making a reward chart for the kids. They have been horrible at going to bed (running around and screaming at the top of their lungs, unless we are sitting outside their door). So... I have devised a calendar of sorts, kind of like a felt board. They get stars when they go to bed without too much of a fuss, and unhappy faces when they don't. If they get more than one unhappy face a week, they don't get to go swimming (their favorite things as of late) on Saturdays. It worked last night... we will see if it continues.
I am still pregnant; although I have to say, that I am pretty itchy. And not just a little; all the time. And not just on the obvious areas of the belly and such; everywhere but the legs so far. Face, hands, back, shoulders, etc. I know my skin is stretching, so I am moisturizing - like 5 times a day. With everything under the sun. Eucerin, Cetaphil, Olive Oil, random lotions from my collection, Aveeno... massage oils.... nothing really helps for more than 5-10 minutes! But my liver enzymes are good (this is a cause for itchiness, I guess) and I probably don't have PUPPS (a form of extreme itchiness during pregnancy) ... so really I am just itchy, and I just have to deal with it for the next couple weeks!


Heather said...

Only a few weeks to go! That is exciting. Your pictures looks wonderful, and it seems like you have all had an active and fun month. Enjoy these last few weeks

Jill said...

love that last pic of ayla! Her crazy hair looks awesome! Sorry about the itchiness...

Danielle said...

That quilt is WAY impressive!

Angie said...

Brooke, does bloggin make life more interesting or are do you have to be interesting to blog? I loved catching up with you! Your kids are so cute! Sorry about the itchiness, that sucks :( Hope it clears before baby comes or hope the baby comes soon! Angie