Monday, February 1, 2010

Our February Change

Before we get to February, let's just note here that our January change was successful... at least in my mind!
We did lower our meat consumption, and by doing this have come to the conclusion that we can live on less meat, but it did take some getting used to for some people in our family. Not going to name any names!
One thing we have decided is that, besides our venison, we will be buying better quality meat when needed. I was watching Oprah the other day, and it was about our food choices. I think we already make pretty good whole food choices most of the time, but there is always room for improvement. We don't buy organic chicken or pork, because we buy in bulk at our local Costco for the convenience of it. But not everything needs to be convenient. The images of the chickens falling over under their own weight really stuck with me as wrong. So that is where our decision comes from, along with some book research I have done in the past (Micheal Pollan: The Omnivores Dilemma; Nina Planck: Real food-What to eat and why, to name a couple). If we stick to this frame of mind and make an effort to really buy local and organic than maybe we will reduce our meat consumption EVEN MORE!

Now on to the next challenge:

This one is going to be tough.... for Tyler.

We (I) have decided to try the family cloths for our February One Small Change. I know, I know, some people might have a problem with this just for sanitary reasons. But let me tell you... if we are willing to use cloth diapers and wipes on our babies, why wouldn't it be natural to use cloth wipes for ourselves? I myself already use cloth feminine pads when needed, the kids are wiped mostly with cloth wipes depending on which bathroom we are in (for some odd reason, we thought it was necessary to have 2.5 bathrooms (or somebody did!) but that is just more for me to clean!). So the biggest change is to have cloth wipes in every bathroom, along with a basket/bucket for the used wipes to go in.

I have to say that the reason Tyler is most skeptical and reluctant to do this is because we are getting the house ready to sell, and he is worried that the wipes will be a nuisance. I however know that it is all what we make of it. We will just have to dump used cloths in the diaper bin more often, and wash them every 3ish days... not too hard. But we will see.

Today, I contemplated changing our challenge to not using lights for the month (or using very sparingly)... Tyler was again skeptical! I thought this would be fun, mainly because candlelight makes your blemishes appear much less (ex: stretch marks!) and that is always a plus when you are 4ish weeks away from having a baby! We do try to unplug most of our appliances, or at least the little ones (coffee maker, toaster, grinder, etc) when not in use... but again, always room for improvement!

Later today I will add a picture or two, and catch up with my picture a day... I have 11 to do! Hope everyone has a great day, week, month!


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

Loren said "now that's just down right yucky, and you can tell her I said that" So I am. More power to you but there is no way I could do that. Or not use lights. TV's are lights, computers are lights....I mean really.. That would be much more do able in July when you're outside all the time and it gets light at 6 and dark at 9.

Brooke said...

Danielle, shame on you! You couldn't do this because of you or Loren... I figured it wouldn't be too hard, since already doing it for the kids. The lights thing, I think would have to be modified... I guess just be more aware of the lights? I hope we get to see you guys soon!

Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

no shame on me! I could do it, like you said we do it for the kids so why not..but loren would never have any part of it. You know what a germaphobe he is!!

Anonymous said...

I agree brooke we try to buy local meat in bulk like a 1/2 side of beef etc. You think Chicken's with giant breasts are bad, you should see how they hatch them. It is down right freakish! they sprout them like little plant seeds by the hundreds!!! in trays that look like food dehydrator trays(they are incubators) then they get crammed into a room indoors with no light or anything living or natural for food, and do nothing but eat tell they get sold to chicken farms, there are so many they get stepped on by the workers like bugs. I think I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that! even Jake looked disgusted. It can't be good! that's for sure! Have you tried tempeh? it is really good for the tofu phobes!

good for you guys! ~ Brenda

Hip Mountain Mama said...

I am so glad Jan went well. We don't eat much meat and when we do it is free range, local, organic chicken and I feel good about this. Since we don't eat it all the time (maybe once a week) the cost is not big deal!
Now, the family cloth...way to go Mama!!! We love it around here. The kids freak out when we run out because TP is just so rough compared to the soft hemp cloths...Love it! Our house is on the market now, so I keep the cloths in the closet and they aren't getting used as much because of this, but once we get settled in our new place, we will break them out again and try to get some more so we don't run out as often before washings!
This is so awesome..I hope you guys are loving it so far!!
P.S. We are having a surprise giveaway in March so make sure to have your March post up my March 5th!

Umatji said...

Good for you - some changes are harder to make in the head than the hand. Hope the month went well...