Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Love

Today is Tyler's 28th birthday! He says he doesn't feel older yet. He is the best husband I could have ever imagined. He is thoughtful, kind, funny, witty, handsome, honest, athletic, caring, smart (really smart!), and everything else between!
We met while stationed in Misawa, Japan. We both arrived in 2002, met at the end of the year, introduced by a mutual friend at a bar. Since we were both originally from Oregon, it was easy to converse and we were fast friends. We both dated other people, and then....
My friend Heather and I signed up for a trip to climb Mt. Fuji, in July 2004. At first, the trip was full, but 3 weeks before it was scheduled, two people canceled. So Heather and I were officially signed up.
On the first rest break from the tour bus down to Tokyo, I walked past a group of guys, not really paying attention to there frat like attitudes; and then I heard "Hey, that's Brooke" So I realized I must know at least one of these guys! Turns out I knew a couple! Tyler was one of them! How awesome to be on the trip with a fellow Oregonian! And a cute one, at that! (Plus, I was single!)
The next day was the hike up Mt. Fuji. Heather and I were in awesome shape at the time, so we actually were the first ones to make it to the top. Tyler was in the smoker group. His buddies had a tough time! So I convinced Heather to take a nap at the top (!) hoping we would meet up with Tyler's group. However... even after an hour cat nap, they hadn't reached the top! So Heather and I headed down to the village we were to meet at, and waited! A couple hours after, Tyler's group made it! Tyler had taken a fall, and had cuts on his arm, and I just happened to have a first aid kit! So I fixed him up.
I ended up going out with him and his group into Tokyo that night. We had a GREAT time, didn't sleep at all that night, went swimming at the hotels pool in the morning and had our first kiss!
I only had 2 months left in Japan, but we spent ALOT of that time together. I was being stationed in Maryland in late September 2004, and he was being stationed in North Carolina in late October 2004. We decided to try the long distance thing... I knew we were meant to be together.
Long distance relationships are hard. We took turns driving to each other every other weekend! And that drive was awful! The rest is history! I separated from the Navy in October 2005.

And we were married on October 22, 2005.

Colton was born in July of 2006.

Ayla in September of 2007.

And Kellen in March of 2010.

I couldn't be happier.

He still looks, and gets mistaken for 19. And he still makes me smile and laugh on a daily basis.

And he still has my heart.

I love you Tyler!

:: Oh! And check out some awesome pictures of Kellen here! ::


Mountaintop Mama said...

Beautiful story, Brooke! Thanks for sharing that! It is wonderful to share life with a soul mate, isn't it? What a blessing to have each other - and then three gorgeous children. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Enjoy today!

Our Stories said...

You are so sweet. I remember sitting in the base airport with you and you telling me that you knew you were going to marry him one day :)

amy said...

Hi, Brooke! I'm Amy. Thanks for leaving comments on my blog today! You have such a wonderful family, with beautiful children, and I really enjoyed reading you and your hubby's love story!! Thanks for sharing, you made my day :)