Monday, May 31, 2010

Long weekend Happenings

Since it has rained most of the weekend, our plans to go camping were foiled. So we relaxed at home. Worked on the yard. Sewed some projects. Watched some movies. Read some books. A little boring according to Tyler; but definitely relaxing.
One project I worked on was a late Mother's Day gift(s). Lavender rice packs for hot/cold in wonderful pink toile (?)... so awesome! I also finished up so me diaper covers and wet bags; made a tablecloth (it turned out a little short on the sides, but that should be an easy fix); velcro belts for each of the kids... so cute and easy (more on those later maybe?); and picking out fabric and patterns that were on sale at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics! I might have bitten off more than I can chew, but hopefully something will get made just for me! I usually end up making nothing for myself, so I decided I should try to change that!
Green smoothies are still going strong around here (for me, at least!) and I think they might be helping with weight loss... I am down to 182 lbs... down 35-ish lbs since Kellen was born, and only that much to go! I am considering training for this half marathon in September. It was the same one that I was going to do last year, but ended up hurting my back in July and finding out we were pregnant with SBK (sweet baby Kellen!). Well worth it! I will keep you posted on the whole thing. I have been hiking every week with some great girlfriends, and that has been wonderful for me and for my soul.. thanks ladies!
Kellen is playing with toys now! So cute! Almost 3 months old... time flies!

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Jill said...

Great job on the weight loss!!! That's awesome. we missed you hiking tonight!