Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and Hiking

For Mother's Day, we went hiking. The kids made me proud, with Colton hiking the whole way (which was a good 2 miles) by himself, and Ayla making it part way. Clifford and Mr. Lemur did awesome too with only minor complaints! The kids loved bringing their "babies" and having them climb trees and such. I think Mr. Lemur really helped Colton hike, crazy as that sounds! So cute though. Earlier that day, they (the kids and Tyler) brought me breakfast in bed... it was a great mother's day.... one of my favorites!

I have been doing a lot of hiking. Three days a week, some friends and I meet at 7pm and hike together -- without kids (well, sometimes Kellen comes) It is fantastic! I am feeling the muscles get stronger throughout, and having good conversation with good friends is beyond priceless.

I have a couple new goals and what not:

for every 20 lbs. I loose, I get to purchase a new outfit
(I am not talking Target either... I mean an outfit that I have always wanted, but haven't gotten because it is too expensive)

make more of the kids clothes.... they are always cuter!
(I need a good pattern for the basics....or just cut up old clothes and figure it out...
any ideas?)

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Noel said...

I'm glad to see that the new babies were able to keep up on the hike. Did you guys end up singing the "move it, move it" song?

Love you all.

Uncle Noel