Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Season

The Christmas season is pretty much behind us here. We took down all the decorations yesterday (due to our tree being a pretty serious fire hazard!). But that doesn't mean that this Christmas wasn't full and special here in our house.
I woke up to hearing whispers (think:: our bed is downstairs, right in the living room, and was right next to the tree!) and little feet scampering back to the stairs. And more whispers and then two REALLY excited kids coming out and inspecting what Santa left for them. I think they were pretty happy. Ayla got a box of dress up clothes (mostly pink) and Colton got a cool firetruck. Kellen got a star that we have been meaning to get for him before we leave Montana (since the other two have one and when he gets older, he may realize that). It was the sweetest Christmas just for the simple fact that Tyler and I really enjoyed seeing the wonderment and magic alight on our kids faces. We talked a lot about what kind of emotional hardship it will be when our kids find out the truth.

Speaking of truth, I really felt like this Christmas I couldn't do much, but I did watch my kids and how they were reacting to all the "getting". And I wasn't very happy with it. They seem to think that it is a season of "getting", and I know this to be our fault. So it is my goal for next year to really get involved with more giving. I have thought of a couple different scenarios:: pick a giving project each month, and go out with a bang next Christmas (meaning a really good one for December!) or for the month of December do something "giving" every day leading up to Christmas. I do lean towards the first because I really would like my kids to know that giving is an all year thing, not just during the "season". What do you guys think?

We spent Christmas Eve morning with some of our favorite people, the neighbors, Luke and Becca and their adorable girls. We exchanged small gifts and had chocolate croissants and just talked and enjoyed the company. Last year, we did something of the sort with some other wonderful neighbors (although they sadly moved this year to Idaho :( )
Then we had a great steak dinner. Watched a Christmas movie and went to bed... well, tried to go to bed. Colton could not go to sleep, he was too excited. So we waited until 11pm when he went to bed, and then we could set up for morning. It was great. All of it.
Tyler got climbing (rock) gear. He seems to really enjoy it, and Colton does too, so I think it may be something that they or we as a family will continue to do.
I received some wonderful gifts, one of my favorites being a knitting kit with different needles (I have taken a real liking to knitting lately. In fact, alot of people on my gift list received something knitted by me this year!) And the kids got me awesome socks! I love a good pair of socks!

I am debating what to spend my Christmas money on:: I recently revisited a shop that I LOVE (in fact, I covet almost everything in it!) and I think I may splurge and buy an outfit. I have really decided that I want that style. I love its simplicity. The shop is called Gaia Conceptions, on Etsy. I recommend you don't visit, you might get hooked!!! I am finding it SUPER hard to say just what I would like, but I think I am narrowed down to this or this. I absolutely love how the first looks with the dress underneath (which would be a future purchase), I think I would order it in the same color shown (terracotta); and the second one is just so pretty (I would order this in a blue or grey, which is shown)! And versatile. I am thinking I would need these anyhow (in chocolate), also.... oh, the choices! Or check out this.
I figure if I limit myself to one outfit from there a year, I could slowly make a wardrobe. Right? Plus, maybe I could get ideas of my own, and make some myself? I am trying to justify the extravagant cost!


Anonymous said...

The kids truly look like they are in shock! Wish we ciuld have shaared the holidays with you! We miss you and love you very much! Granna(mom) & Papa(dad)

aware said...

You have a beautiful family! Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving some positive and realistic feedback about cloth diapering.