Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My knee

Don't you just love this? The snowflakes were made as a family all day on Sunday. Colton made the most and seemed to really get the concept down! Such an improvement from last year! It was fun, and the look is just magical. We hung them up on the ceiling all over downstairs, and it just looks so neat. You should o do it!

i know, i know... all I ever talk about is my knee! But first! Look at this CUTE hat that I knitted for a special recipient... it only took a day (it is chunky fabric) and it is about the cutest thing! I am in love with it! Now on to this one for someone else. Yeah, I do a lot of knitting in bed. But that is a big part of my life right now! I am stuck in bed, keeping it elevated or in machine that bends and unbends it most of the day! Not exactly fun. Plus, I can't put any weight on it for 3 more weeks.
Yesterday, Tyler had to do some stuff for work all day, so he left at 730 in the morning, and didn't make it home until 445pm! Good thing, my wonderful neighbor and friend, Becca, came over for most of the day! But I was alone with the kids for a couple hours throughout the day, and it didn't actually go too bad.
My knee seems to be pretty sore now, since the swelling is going down and I can feel more in there. I just have to look at the big picture and remember that my knee will finally be awesome. I haven't had an ACL in 14 years! My meniscus has been torn since June, and the cartilage thing..., I have no idea!


Heather said...

The hat looks perfect, and the knee looks painful. Hope you are healing well and enjoying as much of the holidays as possible.

Anonymous said...

I like your hat! Hope you are being careful on the stairs. How are my Colton, Ayla & Kellen? It is freezing here in Dundee-we wear layers of clothes all day & night!Love, mom (granna)