Friday, December 17, 2010

sledding day (about 2 weeks ago)

Yes, i am thinking of the days when I could actually walk! We went sledding the weekend before my surgery with our neighbors, Becca and Luke and their two girls. It was cold, and fun for a bit. Even Kellen went on his first sled ride! But Kellen, Ayla and I were soon in the car with the heat on... it was REALLY cold (think 20 something) but we were prepared with hot chocolate and those little heat toastie things. It was fun. Probably my only time sledding this season... hopefully the kids don't get to say that too!

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Anonymous said...

that hat you had on Tues. blog that you made? Sooooo cute! Also, it has been so cold here in Dundee that we where jamas and sweaters warm slippers all day and all nite long!granna