Thursday, December 30, 2010

Through Ayla's Eyes

Ayla has a huge want to be a photographer. She sees our camera and wants to take grab it and take pictures. She is actually really good and sometimes I am amazed at her eye for good pics. Maybe she will take it up as a hobby in her future. Maybe she will be like Alicia :)
I might make this a regular thing... I know Ayla will get a kick out of it. I sure do love that girl. Last night I was thinking about the kids and how old they are (and how fast they got there!) and I realized that Ayla only just turned 3! (in September) A good majority of the time, I forget how much younger she is than Colton! She is actually really mature for her age, and can speak very well for her age. I hope to keep remembering just how old she is, and not lump her together with Colton. They both deserve their own time for each age, don't they?

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Heather said...

Oh how very sweet to see what your daughter sees. Happy New Year Brooke!