Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just a few things...

I found this awesome chair at Salvation Army for $8.75! It matches perfectly to a desk I picked up a bit ago, and it is comfy to boot! I also scored an old dairy container, that says "Greig's Dy Kalispell" painted green - totally awesome to remind us of this wonderful place when we have to move.
(he is thinking, "Will Mom notice if I grab for the kitty? I don't think so!!!")

For some reason, I have been away from here. Kellen has been teething, so not a whole lot of sleeping going on (well, continuous sleep anyway), crafting has been done, physical therapy is gone to three times a week, and we are all anxiously awaiting hearing about our next assignment. Among other things.
I guess the simple answer is that I have been avoiding the computer for the most part other than a check in here or there. And that is okay.

But here are some updates::
Ayla started school with Colton, and so far (after two weeks) we are EXTREMELY happy with our decision. Colton has opened up at school and actually is talking to his teachers (he had not said a word to anyone there for the whole schoolyear!!!) Ayla is absolutely loving going and learning... I think she is going to be one of those kids that just loves school (I was that way as a kid). So... we feel like it has been a very positive thing. Also, I get to spend two whole days (9-3) with Kellen. I think he really likes that part :)

I finally got out my sewing machine. I put it away before Christmas, and it has been sitting in my closet, not even calling my name. And then the first day Ayla went to school, I thought to myself "Kellen needs a blanket that can be attached to him that will keep him covered at night." And this is what I came up with. No, this doesn't help his little icicle paws in the wee hours of the night, but it does make my mind rest at ease when I don't have to worry about the blanket being on his face or him being cold! (we just started knocking the heat setting down to 62 every night).I think it turned out fabulous. It seems to serve it's purpose, and it is really cute! Can't go wrong with that, right? I used what I had on hand, and the inside is wonderful organic fleece - so soft!!

The kids have been really into art projects, and I thought I would try one that Heather mentioned. The kids seemed to like the process, but after we pulled off the tape, Colton wanted to paint the white space! Ha! I love this picture though... my little goofballs.

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Anonymous said...

I like that idea. What kind of paints do you have? My old acrylics I bought for Aiden ages ago are almost gone and I'm in the market for more. I had some crayola and I didn't like the smell or the consistency. oh and I can't remember my password... my brain is scattered!!