Sunday, January 16, 2011

The washer

This boy has a SERIOUS fascination with the washing machine. The minute the laundry room door is open, even a crack, he is rushing in there to see his washer spin around. The diaper cycle is his favorite because it is the longest :) He sits in there and just watches, casually touching the door every once in a while to try to figure it out.
My sweet baby boy. He is getting his second top front tooth (he has his bottom front two and one top one) and is kind of fussy... but he is sleeping in his own bed at night, and only nursing twice during that time!! This is a major accomplishment for us. Right after my surgery, he was still sleeping with us and I think I was nursing him 6-8 times a night, just because it was easier. But we decided it was better for us all if we got him to sleep in his own comfy bed. And although I miss his sweet little snuggles, we all really do get better sleep.
Happy Sunday!

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