Thursday, January 13, 2011

My love for crafting

I have a confession:: I love to make things. It is usually a problem. Well, maybe not a problem... just an obsession. I would say on any given day that you would find me having a few treasured moments to add some stitches here, or cut out a pattern there. It brings me joy. It brings me peace.
I read a beautiful post today over at Shivaya Naturals (by the lovely Heather) and it made me think. Why do I craft? And do I really have the time? So this is what I came up with.I craft, mostly, to keep my sanity. I feel like I can totally immerse myself in my craft of choice and come out on the other side more relaxed. AND, I also craft because I love that I can figure things out and make something with my own two hands... and I like to think that I am pretty good at it. I REALLY love seeing my finished product and giving it to someone who will use it. But my favorite, is seeing my kids (or husband or myself) wearing something I have made (or using it). It fills my heart with joy and accomplishment. Luckily my husband is very supportive and seems to appreciate my craftiness. He doesn't usually appreciate the mess quite as much, but he knows it is a necessity :)To answer the question of "do I really have the time?", I find that I make time for this. Every spare second I have, I find myself reaching for my knitting or gravitating toward my lovely sewing machine. I also don't deep clean any of the house on a regular basis. I surface clean and use the theory of stacking, but I leave the serious cleaning to a whirlwind cleaning bug or to my husband! I do cook on occasion... no, I cook everyday. But dinner time menu is my nemesis. I am constantly looking for a good way to figure out dinner. It has been kind of nice these last couple of weeks to not have to think about it too much (my husband did most of that!) So I guess it would be like those "other" people who spend their free time working out or cleaning. Now, I think they are crazy! Just kidding.Often, I get the comment, "You must be so busy".... and I have to admit, I am. I have 3 kids that require a lot of time and attention, I have a husband who I adore and try to spend as much time as I can with, I love to read, I love to blog and read other blogs, I have lots of outdoor activities I enjoy, and I love to knit and sew. Of course I am busy. And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Here is the new sweater vest I made for Kellen. I think it is the most adorable little thing. Usually we don't put a sweater over PJ's, but it is pretty cute anyways.


Danielle said...

mmm.. crafting. I love to make stuff. Just finished a quilt for Aiden so I could have the throw blanket that I made back. His logic was, if you want this back you can just make me my own.

Anonymous said...

I love the pillow! I have it out for everyone to see & admire! I love crafting too & art & writing but could never keep up with you,maybe someday! I love the kids' pics,awesome,I miss all of you! Love,mom (granna)

Amy said...

I love seeing all of your creations! You truly inspire me to get moving on the stacks of projects that I start to dream of! One day I hope to find more time to craft, but as you said, we all have our own things that fills our time :)