Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

This week was a week of tough decisions for us (me, really). Well, only one actually.

Even though I thought I really wanted this little boy to start school....We decided that we would homeschool this year. At least give it a good try. I just got to thinking how hard it was going to be to get the three, soon to be four kids, ready EVERY morning, Monday through Friday. To be out the door by 7:30am, with four kids!!
(they look completely innocent, but REALLY, they can be monsters at times!)
Now don't get me wrong, people actually are able to accomplish this. I however, don't think I am up for the task.
I have contemplated homeschooling for awhile now... and thought I didn't have the patience for it. Which I might not... however, I do believe that it will come. And I get to wake up whenever the baby (or babies) wake me up... not by 6:30 every morning to make sure they all have enough time to get up and dressed and out the door.
Really, it is Colton that hates the morning. That kid would sleep in till 10 if we let him. He doesn't like to go to bed early either... so I think this will work for us. Besides it is kindergarten, and we have the option to put him in school next year.

Oh, and if Tyler happens to get deployed soon (not that he is, but it could happen) then I would have the option to head back to Oregon. Which would be nice to have help during that time.

In the meantime, we are awaiting baby number four. I am finishing up some projects:: I made a nice sling for him, and finished a bean bag pillow (just need filler for it). Also, knitting some cute little vests and gnome hats for Halloween... next up is a knitted wolf hat and mittens and maybe tail for Colton for Halloween. Ayla is wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood (which all happen to tie in together kind of) so I will be hopefully making her a cape for her birthday. I have plans to make her an outfit for her birthday, but that girl has so many clothes, that I might hold off and save it for Christmas!
My project list is pretty long, and who knows how much I will actually get checked off before the babe comes, but it sure is nice to check them off.
OH, speaking of checking things off a list... check out this blog post over here. I ordered this app for our IPod touch, and so far, so good! Nice to be able to gold star finished tasks :)

Just in case anyone asks... we are going to use the Oak Meadow Curriculum for Colton and Ayla (why not, right?). I found a smoking good deal for a used set of K-3rd grade on Craigslist, so I went for it. I have a feeling Colton will be ready for the 1st grade stuff. This kid is chomping at the bit to read!

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