Monday, August 22, 2011

::The last two weeks in projects::

These last two weeks I have been busy making some things on my "project list". I keep said list with birthday presents, holiday presents, new baby presents, and especially Christmas presents carefully selected from my random craft books (mostly sewing or knitting). I don't however always get all of the projects done, but it is nice to have a list to look at and check off!

First, I used a pattern out of Handmade Home by Amanda Soule to make the baby sling. It is made out of good quality muslin, and lets just say, I love it! It is so soft and simple, and I can't wait to put baby in it!

Next, I finally finished my homemade "boppy", or nursing pillow. This fabric I bought a couple years ago off of Etsy, and I have been saving for the perfect project. It is thicker, which I thought would come in handy. I stuffed it with bamboo stuffing and I think it will work well. This is from the book Simple Sewing for Baby, by Lotta Jansdotter. I know with my other babies, I would use my boppy on and off, but it all depends on how much time I had to nurse!

Then I finally finished this project! It was started when Kellen was a wee one, and I just finished the knitting part last December. It is called a baby bean bag from Essential Baby by Debbie Bliss. I love the feel of it, and think an infant would love the texture. I just have to find something to fill it with. I don't really want to use the beanbag beads, but will if i have to. Any suggestions?

Here is me knitting this with Kellen in my lap last June!

I also transformed a nightgown my mom had given me into a cute little nightgown for Ayla. I love it, and so does she! It was intended for her birthday (wish is a little over 2 weeks away!?), but she saw it and begged, and of course, I caved in. I plan to make another just for her birthday with different trim. I handmade this bias tape with some seahorse fabric I had (pink of course!) and kind of just made the pattern as I went. It was fun!Before

and After::

Finally, I made some cute little burp cloths last night for baby. I just took some rectangles of birdseye fabric, doubled it up and added some biased tape. Basic pattern from this book also. I had noticed that some of the ones I have, that I made for some of the other kids smelled of rotten milk.... yuck!
Here is me and baby at 35 weeks and a couple days... time is moving fast!

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