Monday, August 29, 2011


Yesterday, we had quite an eventful day. Tyler had the weekend off, which we weren't sure would happen until it was upon us. And I had scheduled us a photo session with a local. The lovely Tia, from Tia Colleen Photography to be exact. She is new to professional photography, but as you can see from her blog, she really has a great eye for it, and I think she will do awesome!
I had the idea to get henna done on my belly, kind of for just a fun thing to do. So I bought this kit, and was going to do it myself. I mentioned this to Tia, and she said "I have a friend that actually is thinking of starting doing this thing, maybe she will want to practice on you?" And so it was planned for her to henna me up! It took about 2 hours to do, and I really like it. Today it is even darker, so I excited to see how long it will actually stay on. I really think peacocks are adorable, so that is the direction we went with it... and his name is actually on the other side of the belly, but I can't really reveal that right now, can I now?
Anyways, the kids got a little bit done on their hands, and it looks so cute. They have been obsessed with drawing on their arms right now. And I can't say no, can I?

On another note, we started "homeschool" today, and so far, it is really fun. I find myself really being involved with the kids instead of just watching them grow up. They are really into learning. And although Colton is further along than the curriculum, we decided to just take it slow and really let him take the time to learn more of the basics, while expanding on the stuff he is really interested in during other "learning sessions". This way, Ayla is right there with him learning the basics and both are taking the time to fully grasp just being a kid. I really like the Oakmeadow curriculum, and have been learning myself.
Even though we have found that homeschooling is not popular with everyone we know and love, this is the decision that feels oh-so-right for our family at the moment. Who knows where it will take us. (in the bundle of curriculum I bought on Craigslist, I received up till 3rd grade...)

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