Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Air Show

Love how Kellen is looking up... he was in awe of the planes :) And Colton's stance cracks me up!
Crossed arms... a vision of what is to come!
Ayla actually changed this to B&W (which I don't know how to do on the camera!) and I really like it!
Oh, My! These are the bloomers I made for babe... and for the sewing class I am teaching tomorrow. I LOVE HOW THEY LOOK!

Day after vasectomy, and looking good! (He brought along some ice and a chair :)
She was so bored with airplanes by this time!
Flying saucer
Happy as a clam!
We had a great time at the airshow. It was a little unfortunate that Tyler's vasectomy surgery fell on the day before, but it had been scheduled for almost 6 months! And we couldn't afford to miss it!!
Colton was so excited, and although Kellen had no idea what an air show would offer, when we got there and saw, he was pretty beside himself.
Ayla was bored, but since we only stayed a bit (due to Tyler) she powered through. After visiting the MUST SEE planes on the flightline, we decided to grab a picnic at the commissary, and head to Tyler's shop that is close to the action. We sat in the shade (near an ice machine, again for Tyler!) and enjoyed the acrobats. It was a good Saturday. I really enjoy my family.


Anonymous said...

I love the kids reactions at the airshow, along with Ayla's bored response curled up in the chair! Somehow my Facebook page got locked up and I can only use this limited version on www.Facebook. I hate it but this is better then nothing! Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

That anonymous was me! Your mom

Brooke said...

I knew it was you:)