Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The rest of the camping trip

The pictures do a lot of the talking. I love the last sequence of pictures... Ayla and Colton doing their treasure hunt. The look on Ayla's face as it dawns on her that the basket is tied up above her is so cute! Brooke and Kasey took their turn after (they were busy feeding ducks the first time around!) and the other two "experienced" ones showed them the ropes.
I know I always put up close ups of my kids... I just love their big blue eyes, so of course there are a couple of those.
And the walking stick creature! It was huge! The kids were all fascinated.
We picked up some peaches on the way in Fredericksburg, Texas, were there are signs for peaches every couple feet it seems!
The last night we were there was interesting... a family came to join our crew (they spent the day doing other family things, so they didn't come when we did), and somehow while they were setting up camp, their car keys went missing!
Last place they were seen was on the kids blanket, so we assumed that one of the kids walked off with it (Kellen was a huge suspect). So we asked them if anyone had... Kellen was asked a couple different times, and we said "when we find the keys, we will make smores." So of course, he admitted to taking the keys and throwing them in the river!!! We searched and searched. But did not find anything. So after a couple hours of searching, we decided to have smores and put the kids to bed.
In the morning, the keys were found... under their tent!!! Glad it didn't turn out to my kid!

This was a 4.5 hour trip away from our house, and the kids were so AWESOME! They really are great travelers.

Soren is OFFICIALLY crawling! He scoots around everywhere! Trouble!


Danielle said...

I love the boys matching prison wear. Looks like fun, so you had to drive that far for camping on water? or your options are limited. I can't believe Soren is crawling, I can't wait to meet him and Ayla is such a little girl now, look at her long legs! This once a year crap sucks! Just move back to Oregon already!

Brooke said...

Not prison wear! Towel suits!
There is water here, but mostly brown stuff!

We can't wait to see you guys either!!!