Friday, May 11, 2012

Running for contemplation

Running has always been my sport. It started in high school because of a knee injury, and ever since then, I have used running as a type of meditation, if you will.
I think a lot of people do this.
I run to get a few minutes of quiet time (unless I take the jogging stroller, which is a chore in itself).
I run to think about both my small bubble problems, and big world problems.
Some of the conversations I have had with myself include building a grand community garden; our self sustaining house in our future; why recycling seems like such a hard concept, but is not; how people can seriously think that renewable energy is a waste of our time and money (seriously?!); and then I have contemplated my kids futures (who will they become? Will they call when they move away?); friendships and the ebbs and flows that come with them.
I run because I have to.

As of this week, I am up to running two miles (straight, with no breaks) in about 19-20 minutes. I have started out this regimen really slowly because of how achy and sore my joints (particularly my knee) are after running. It is a hard sport on your body. All of that impact on your feet and knees and hips CAN'T be doing good things. But it does help me loose weight. Thank goodness!
To help with the problems that come with the impact, I am running alongside the paved paths here on base... so much nicer to my knees. I come back home feeling fantastic.

The Tough Mudder is my goal (October 6th in Austin) and I am so excited to act like a kid and play in the mud! I know it will be tough, but heck, I like having a goal in sight. AND I am so excited to have a couple female running partners for the race! (Thanks Jessica and Heather!) Two of my friends from my days back in Misawa, Japan... it will be fantastic. Tyler is running it too, but he is undoubtedly going to be faster than me...

Today I am doing a green smoothie fast. Something to help cleanse my system and (!) hopefully kick start more weightloss! The smoothies are mostly fruit and veggies and then added water. I know, I know, I am breastfeeding, but I figured one day of eating really good stuff isn't going to hurt that in the least bit.

Some cute pictures from May for you::

Soren is getting his two top teeth (one is out, one is coming), so he is getting a toothy grin! So cute! We took the kids to the dentist the other day, and Colton has 8 new cavities (in a YEAR!) not really confident with the work they want to do on him, so we are getting a second opinion, but hopefully we will not have cavities all the time with him (like Tyler and I do!). Ayla was in the no cavity club though!

Oh, and another thing... I am officially a NON facebook user. I have deactivated my account. It has become a huge source of controversy for me, so I am choosing not to have that clutter in my life. If you need to get a hold of me, feel free to email me, or call me!

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Anonymous said...

After reading this I wish even more we were stationed nearby! I got up to two miles(but with breaks) this fall before I hurt my knee-I just ran yesterday for the first time( a whopping half mile)It was good to just see how it would feel- Is the Mudder a 5k? or 10k? very cool! I so feel you on the jogger stroller getting ready takes as long as the actual jog, and it can be frustrating for me, if something goes wrong-god forbid we drop a toy enroute!

Fort Lewis started a sustainable community garden and it is SO amazing! they gave us a little patch right by the horse stables and it has really grown at first it was just a patch of grass. Now it has 30 plus raised beds, compost, a green house, bbq pit and more! I will ask how other bases get one started! And Jake has plans and plans and plans for a Earthship, Container home etc. Last weekend we were sipping coffee and drawing up container home ideas together! So fun! the Military makes it hard to do more than dream though! at least for ten more years right!? ~B