Saturday, May 12, 2012

Colton's second ball game

First of all, I just have to say I LOVE MY OUR NEW CAMERA LENS!
It is taking such great pictures of my our adorable children... just saying.

Yesterday, I bribed (yes, bribed with a sucker :)) Kellen to ride the Scuut bike (which has been a fabulous balance teacher to all the kids). He did, and now he LOVES it! He begged to bring it to Colton's tee-ball game.
Here we are on the blanket, watching our Colton play. It was a little chilly, and threatening rain, so we brought rain jackets and hats... Ayla was feigning extreme coldness.

It is so funny. Colton loves to run, like actually says he loves to run. But during practice and games he gives such a lame effort! Tyler has been talking to him about it, and he decided to step up his game today. So glad he doesn't run like a t-rex anymore (you know with his elbows tucked in and wrists sorta limp...)
Oh, my. This hat reminds me so much of Kellen, it isn't even funny.

What do you think?
Bleacher fun... this is what they do. Every practice. No one has been hurt yet... we will see what will come of it.
I told you, this camera is good! Love this little love.
Isn't he learning so quickly? He looks like he is trying to get something....
Bribery, yes.
Love that Ayla peeks over his shoulder to get in the picture.
That girl LOVES the camera.
It was also Soren's first taste of sucker, courtesy of Ayla, and caught on camera.

we are in trouble.

Look at him fielding that ball... like a natural.
And a good batter to boot.


Anonymous said...

Soren does look like Kellen! It's amazing how fast these kids are growing! Ayla's like me, doesn't like the cold. Poor baby, but so darn cute! I got your present yesterday but I'm not opening til tomorrow. What could it be? I love presents! We can't wait to see you all this summer but it seems so far away! I'm almost done with all my medications except for antidepressant and vitamins! I am very happy about that! I am painting a gourd and your dad iis so funny, he says "we can sell that for $500.00 on EBay!" And he's serious! I just laugh. Love, mom

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on Colton! He looks great at his ball game, like a natural! Were proud of that awesome kid! , mom and dad