Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing outside (so Daddy can sleep)

I love the sequence of this pictures! They were having so much fun pushing the dump truck up the slide, then back down! Soren and I watched from the sidelines.... all before 730am. Not 3 months ago, our kids were sleeping until 8am, now they get up at about 645! what happened?!!! 

We are busy planning some upcoming trips::

Memorial Day camping at Possum Kingdom State Park, here in Texas

Rock climbing camping at City of Rock, in Idaho, with friends from Montana, at the end of June!

Cousin camping near Bend maybe at the VERY end of June

Our trip in Oregon, from beginning of July until mid August!

And our  Tough Mudder trip to Austin on October 6th

We're pretty excited for each and every trip!


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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! How you doin'? We are fine. I really like the pics of the boys rolling that truck down the slide in pj's even! Fun! I've been getting up between 5:30-7:30 am 2 mornings now, can you believe it? It's my new change, plus walking early when it's cool. Painting, reading, writing, etc..Miss you guys so much! Love, Granna (mom)