Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ayla is in the local paper!

My sweet little munchkin found herself (with me in the background) on the front page of our local paper The Daily Interlake. We had a play group type thing at a local organic farm, Raven Ridge, that is having a fundraiser, and the reporters happened to be there while we were volunteering. Here is the article. (Hopefully)
We had the task of removing a hoop house (small greenhouse thing) of basil, and transferring it to the compost pile. BUT... we got to keep as much of the basil as we wanted. So the kids and I pulled out a couple rows... well, I pulled them out, and the kids (if you look closely at the picture, Ayla's baby doll is actually "helping" too, she insisted!) took them to the wheelbarrow. And then we grabbed a couple plants and headed home to make some pesto. Colton helped with the simple recipe, and we ate some for dinner, YUMM!
It was fun to see that we were on the front page though!

On a VERY sad note, I am sad to say, that a close friend of Tyler's family lost her battle with melanoma today. She was only 30 years old! Married, with 2 young kids and a full life in front of her. Check your moles... you can't be too careful! Tell your loved ones to check their moles.

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