Friday, September 18, 2009

Swimming in the pool

Tyler decided to hook the hose up to the sink, so the kids could have some warm water in their pool.... sucker! But the kids ABSOLUTELY loved it! They played in it for about an hour, and did not want to get out. Ayla is a little daredevil, and didn't fear going down the slide at all; she even jumped off of it! We told her don't go too crazy! Colton is cool and collected, and really just loved laughing at his sister... he is good at that.

The kids and I have been solo for the last couple days, and I have been trying to just have fun with the kids, so I don't go completely insane! (I can't believe what single mothers go through!) We had raspberries for snack today, and "raspberry hands" came to be... such goofy rascals!

We had a baby appointment today; we are 16 weeks along, and everything is great. The heart rate was 130ish today, last time it was 150ish... so he/she was just relaxing. Ayla also had her 2 year appointment: She was 77% for height, and 50% for weight. She is growing like a weed. A couple months ago, we measured her at our house, and she had grown almost 3 inches in 2 months! (Please allow room for error in this!!) On the downside, Ayla and I had to get our flu shots today; but we both did great... Ayla only let out a little cry, and then a sticker got her mind off it (and promise of some chocolate!)
Love these kids, but can't wait for Tyler to be home in the morning!!!!!!!

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